Friday, May 13, 2011

Beauty will Rise

Trees burst open their joys, spraying the ground with seed and blossom and stickies. Virgin greens peek shy from sombre brown boughs. Soon they will dance and flutter and clap in the summer winds, fully alive. But now they wake slow, and it is beautiful.

The incremental advent of Spring touches all of life, heart and soul and mind come alive again, and dream of a beautiful life still unexplored. This is the beauty of resurrection.

We can’t believe it: life from death is unbelievable. Perhaps that is why Christ stayed forty days after He rose; so we could see and know and question and ponder, and let the awe work transformation in our soul.

And we own Him as Lord and God, as Thomas did, when we see Him and know He is real, and He is good.

He lifts the veil, the dank and dark and frozen shell of winter, and melts us into spring. And this is the power of resurrection.

He renews the face of the earth, and revives the soul—in the moment, for the moment, through the moment. He pours forth life all the time, in every way, despite every horror and sorrow, a strength beyond us. And this is the wonder of resurrection.

So, wake our hearts, Lord, to see and feel and know You, and dance in the light of Your life song!

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