Friday, April 29, 2011

Gifts from the East

The heart ruminates blessings by remembering . . . sweetness revelled in longer, as the mind’s tongue rolls image and smell and texture over and over. I begin to savour. Long and happy days with my childhood friend-turned-mother-of-two, my older sister-with-youngest-squirt-in-tow, and my younger-dreamer-sister. These are gifts, and I am thankful.

Childhood bosom friend and sister redesign my blog:

Dancing with wee ones:

Little girl unfolding and refolding laundry:

Deep soul baby smiles:

Playing just like the concert pianist:

Three sisters reunited:

Baby talk:

Sleeping with borrowed baby:

1 comment:

Visual Verses said...

Oh, glorious! The Collin sisters together again! *happy sigh* I possess such fondness for all three of you :)

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